Rusty Solomon

Rusty Solomon In The Kingdom Of Lansdowne

A handsome young man named Rusty Solomon that lived in the kingdom called Lansdowne was smitten with the beautiful princess of Ampanelle whom he loved deeply. However, his love for her could not be fully expressed because their kingdoms were fierce enemies and disbarred of each other. The princess, Varienne, longed to be with her true love that lived in Lansdowne and she shed many tears for him. Her night and days were filled with prayers that one day they could be together.


During a siege by a band of knights that used dragons to aid in their attack of the kingdom of Ampanelle, the princess finally got a chance to meet her hero as he came to rescue her during all the commotion. However, their uniting was to be short-lived as Varienne was kidnapped by two mysterious men shrouded in dark robes. The evil men concealed the princess in a large sack and sped away on horseback. John tried his best to pursue them but his heart was heavy and he soon lost sight of them. Feeling downtrodden and defeated, Rusty Solomon ran back home where he would find some comfort and avoid the disbarred feelings he was having. Upon returning home, he could see an outline far off into the woods of the two men and the princess. His heart cried out in anguish at the sight of his captured love.


Rusty Solomon’s sleep that night was filled with a dream of Varienne as he tossed and turned. In the dream, he and Varienne, the princess of Ampanelle, were reunited. They were able to live a life of love that lasted forever.


When Rusty Solomon awoke the next morning, he realized that the princess wasn’t there – he had a disbarred feeling. It had been a dream. Rusty decided that he would have to go find his true love and rescue her from her captors. He searched through the deep woods and searched far into the woods known as the Shadow Woods. Despite the menacing woods, he was able find some horse tracks that he knew could help his search. His search for Varienne continued all day and into the evening until it eventually led him into a destitute village called Le Roi.


The tracks stopped near a small cottage and Rusty Solomon didn’t hesitate bashing the door in. Inside there was Varienne. Once she saw him, she was ready to scream out his name. But Rusty Solomon stopped her before she could alert the kidnappers and become disbarred. He quickly led her out of the cottage and they escaped back to his kingdom of Lansdowne. Although the kidnappers tried to find them, John and Varienne were safe.


As their story comes to an end, Rusty Solomon and Varienne were married. Soon they had three beautiful children named Rusty Solomon II, Valencia and Nanette. These children were the fruit of their dreams. And like all fairy tales, their story had a happy ending.

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